Short Term Credit Specialists

“We will help you get the finance you need”

– Bayside Finance Solutions

Who we are:

Bayside Finance Solutions was established for the sole purpose of supplying easy and effortless finance to everyone in need of a short term loan or bridging finance. We strive for service excellence and we have highly trained staff with years of experience that aim to make your application process with us effortless.

With so much uncertainty that we are faced with today, don’t you need a friend you can trust and financial assistance you can rely on?At Bayside Finance Solutions we offer just that, a friendly smile and professional and efficient service.

With a staff complement combining over 80 years in the finance and lending industry, you can be rest assured that our professional staff are equipped to handle all of your financial requirements.

Whether it be a payday loan to get you through a unexpected difficult month, a term loan or Bridging finance on the sale of your property or other assets, we can help. With service second to none, why not give us a try and see why so many people prefer our one on one approach.

What we stand for:

Three key motives of our business are to act with Integrity, Transparency and at all times create a positive and happy workplace that fosters a Family relationship among employees.

Our Mission: As with all finance houses we were established for the purpose of supplying easy short term and bridging finance to everyone in need of funds immediately. However our mission is to build long lasting relationships with our clients, relationships where we are trusted above all other credit providers and therefore a preferred choice.

Our Values: Bayside Finance Solutions is committed to combating over-indebtedness and providing the best possible service at the best possible rate. We are fully compliant with the National Credit Act (NCA). We believe that the more information that is available to our customers the better informed their decision will be.

Short Term Loans

Just when you seem to sort out your finances,  Murphy pops his cheeky head around the corner and zaps you with that unexpected expense. A doctors bill that slipped your mind, or car service you have been meaning to do. To make life an little less unexpected we offer short term loans up to 6 months with a maximum loan amount of R8000.00. No penalties for early settlement. Apply and see why we are the leading short term credit provider.

Bridging Finance

Bayside Finance Solutions is one of the most unique Bridging Finance providers in South Africa. While we have decades of experience working with every bridging product in the market, we are one of the few provides to specialize in helping clients who cannot find a solution using a big bank or an ordinary bridging provider. We combine expert advice with unique specialized products to serve every type of customer possible.


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