Not sure how much attention you have been paying on how quickly this year is going by? Maybe only a little bit like us. However when mid year holidays come knocking on your door I’m sure, you – just like me – will do a double take and quickly start counting your fingers to make sure you not loosing your mind!

I, myself, start counting my fingers for two reasons.

1. I only have half a year to make sure I have ticked off all my new years resolutions (which was made 3 years ago).


Frantically trying to come up with a plan on what I can do with my kids that isn’t going to break the bank wasn’t easy but I thought I would share 10 ideas that my good friend Google and I came up with.

  • Plan a picnic indoors in a man made tent. Kids do all the decorating work with whatever they can find while I put together a healthy snack or three.
  • Go to the local museum or animal farm. These are normally a rather inexpensive outing and great to get those hyper kids out the house!
  • If you near the coast, take a trip to the Beach. South African winters are some of the best in the world so take advantage of the early winter days. If you not coast side plan a hike or trail walk at a nearby nature reserve.
  • Make play dough. It is simple and fun to make. Get the kids involved and afterwards have a playdough building contest and test their bright little minds to be creative!
  • Plan a family sleep over where everyone sleeps in the lounge together and watches a movie with popcorn
  • Get the kiddies hands dirty by rejuvenating that derelict garden bed you have been wanting to do for a while.
  • Find toys that the kids haven’t played for in a while and clean them up. Then have your own bingo evening with their old toys as the prizes. Often they forget about their old toys and are so excited when their “old” toys becomes the new one
  • Make a bird feeder and get the kids to fill up the feeder and water holder each morning. within a few days the excited feathery friends will be waiting for their morning treats.
  • Play indoor putt putt by creating your own 9 hole course around the house.
  • Not forgetting our favourite South African tradition. Plan a big bring and braai with close friends and family!

Whatever you do these holidays the most important activity you can do with your kids is to just be with them. You are their greatest toy and true best friend. They would choose playing with you over anything else in the world. Take advantage of that while it lasts!

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