An Online Provider

We strive to create the easiest online application process. Apply and see how easy applying for a loan can be.


Forward Thinking

Our plans include a completely automated application process that will save you, the customer, time and effort when you apply. We will always look at pushing the boundaries to better assist our customers.

Problem Solvers

Our credit team will look for ways to help you instead of why we shouldn’t. We have been able to assist small businesses time and time again, where other providers and big banks have just turned a blind eye.

Customer Support

Service is at the top of our priority and this makes our customer support a notch above the competition. You will have your own consultant that will assist you when you need it. No getting bounced around from agent to agent anymore.

Our Story

Bayside Finance Solutions is an above the board and all round credit provider. From humble beginnings at the beginning of the millennium we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses when they have need it most. We are a dynamic business that is focusing its sights on the future of online financing with effortless and paperless solutions to better provider the outstanding service we have become known for.

Mission | Vision | Values

Mission – Bayside Finance Solutions was established for the sole purpose of supplying easy Short Term and Bridging Finance to everyone in need of funds immediately. We aim to be an across the board credit provider in various industries.
Vision – For Bayside Finance Solutions to realize its mission we will thrive to build long lasting relationships with our clients, relationships where we are trusted above all other credit providers and therefore a preferred choice.
Values – Bayside Finance Solutions is committed to combating over-indebtedness and providing the best possible service. We are fully compliant with the National Credit Act (NCA) and believe that the more information that is available to our customers the better informed their decision will be.


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