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Sold my property and require bridging finance

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Sale of my home is secured but...

  • In South Africa, it can take three months or more for registration in the new owner’s name at a Deeds Office to go through.
  • Registering a further mortgage bond and require bridging finance pending registration
  • I need quick and easy property bridging finance which I can pay back in a lump sum
  • I have to wait for the payment to come through so I need property bridging finance asap
  • I need an advance loan to see me through until then, and a bank loan takes too long
  • I need bridging finance on property to cover costs so the sale can go through
  • I need to cover outstanding municipal accounts, property taxes and transfer duties

We offer quick property bridging loans

At Bayside Finance Solutions we offer bridging finance against property sales of up to 80% of the equity due to the seller.

As with all finance houses Bayside Finance Solutions was established to supply quick and easy property bridging finance to everyone in need of funds immediately. 

Bayside Finance Solutions is committed to combating over-indebtedness and providing the best possible bridging service at the best possible rate. We are fully compliant with the National Credit Act (NCA). 


What is property bridge finance?

A bridge loan may solve a short term financial problem while waiting for guaranteed financing to come through.

It is an advance or loan you get on money due to be paid out to you soon on the sale of your property.

Bayside Financial Solutions will lend you the amount needed, provided you can prove you’ll soon be receiving the proceeds from the sale of your house.

Bridging finance for property is usually available within 12-48 hours.

As soon as the sale of your current house is finalised and you have been paid, you then pay back the bridging finance in a lump sum.

Property bridging loans do not require monthly payments and they offer homeowners the flexibility of paying when they have the cash flow which is usually within 30 to 40 days.

What is equity?

It is the amount due to the seller of immovable property, after the property has been registered in the deeds office, and all disbursements have been made by the conveyancer.

How it works

Bayside Finance Solutions will advance up to 80% on the sale of immovable property and 70% in the case of raising a further bond. 

While we have decades of experience working with every bridging product in the market, we are one of the few providers who specialise in helping clients who cannot find a solution using a big bank or an ordinary bridging provider. We combine expert advice with unique specialised products to serve every type of customer possible.


Quality services Since 2008

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality coverage at the most competitive rates.

We also offer commission bridging to estate agents, matrimonial bridging and loans on deceased estates 

Bayside Finance Solutions service the greater Durban area and further afield.

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