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Short term, quick access to your hard earned finances.

Do you find yourself in need of bridging finances for any of the following reasons?

  • Have you sold your home and been waiting for months for the property transfer to be finalised through the Deeds office for your sellers equity to be released?
  • Are you registering a further bond on the property and require finance pending the registration?
  • Are you in need of assistance to cover costs of outstanding rates to allow the transfer to be processed?
  • Are you an estate agent who’s commission for a property sale is due pending transfer and registration which is taking months?
  • Are you going through a divorce and need to access your divorce settlement prior to finalisation?
  • Are you in need of finances to pay attorney fees prior to finalisation of your divorce?
  • Are you a beneficiary of a deceased estate and are awaiting finalisation of the estate?
  • Are you an executor of an estate and require earlier access to the executor fees prior to a deceased estate finalisation?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, we could offer the service you need through our Bridging Finance Services!

What is Bridging Finance?

Bridging Finances can most easy be described as a type of short-term finance advance.  Bridging Finance is always secured against a sum of money an applicant is due but awaiting finalisation and pay-out.

Processing bridging advances are relatively quick and easy when compared to a home loan or mortgage bond.  Home loans or mortgage bonds can be known to take months and be paid off over years.  Bridging finance on the other hand is paid off within a relatively short period from when it is processed. 

Bayside Finance Solutions offers easy, efficient, and fast Bridging Finance Advances that you can apply for!

We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients on a personal level and are thus able to offer a unique personalised service.  

What are the benefits of Bridging Finance?

Bridging Finance takes away the pressure of meeting payment dates and allows you to utilise your funds due to you immediately through a Bridging Agreement. You have peace of mind in that funds are released to you when required and the repayment is secured through your equity.

Bayside Finance Solutions

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Property Sale Finance

In South Africa it can take some time for a property transfer to be completed at the Deeds office.  Often sellers do not have the money to pay the transfer feestransfer duties or outstanding rates and taxes.  In such cases, Property Bridging Finance is a suitable Service as the funds required to complete the transfer are advanced  from the company and repaid after transfer of the property.  The Sellers equity is therefore advanced funds against the house sold as securement for repayment. 

Property Bond Transfer Finance

Property Bond Raising Finance

Estate Agent Commission

An estate agent only gets their commission once a property sold has been transferred and registered. In normal times, the Deeds office may take months to sort out a transfer and during our current COVID-19 pandemic such transfers experience additional delay.  An agent needs income and cash flow during this period. 

Bayside Finance Solutions offers Bridging Finance to estate Agents who have concluded a property sale and require their commission prior to the transfer and registration of the sold property.

Divorce Settlement Finance

Divorce Settlement Finance

Going through a divorce is a trying process and, having finances tied up pending final registration in court, can leave you with cash flow issues during this time.  Bayside Finance Solutions can relieve this pressure with our Divorce loan service.  Funding of up to 50% of the cash settlement due to you can be attained to assist you in your new phase of life.  

Deceased Estate Finance

Dealing with the planning and organising for a deceased loved one can be daunting, time consuming and challenging. Often the cost involved in taking care of all the finer points of a deceased estate can be overwhelming.  Bayside has a uniqe service for such times called Deceased Estate Bridging Finance.  We offer advances up to 50% of the cash portion of the settlement due to the beneficiary or a maximum of R100 000. 


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