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Dealing with the planning and organising for a deceased loved one can be daunting, time consuming and challenging. Often the cost involved in taking care of all the finer points of a deceased estate can be overwhelming. 

Why not make your cash flow issues easier with our Deceased Estate Bridging Finance service of up to 50% of the cash portion of your inheritance as an advance?

What is a Deceased Estate Bridging Finance?

Bayside Finance Solutions provides finance facilities to beneficiaries of a deceased estate for the advance of the cash portion of the settlement due.

Further to this, Bayside Finance Solutions also offers this service to executors of an estate for their fee to be available prior to the finalisation of the estate

What percentage of the cash portion of the deceased’s estate is advanced?

With this unique services, Bayside Financial Solutions can offer our clients an advance of up to 50% of the cash portion of the settlement due to the beneficiary, or a maximum of R100 000.

What are the Qualifying Criteria for the Deceased Estate Bridging Finance Service?

The following documents are requirements to apply for Deceased Estate Discounting:

  • A letter of executorship;
  • A copy of the Liquidation & Distribution account;
  • A Confirmation that the Liquidation & Distribution account has been submitted to the Master Office;
  • Letter of Undertaking from the Divorce Attorney.

These accumulated points for document requests might seem uncertain and daunting but we are happy to advise and have our experts guide you.  Contact us via phone or send us an email: 032 518 1114; 

When and how is this Deceased Estate Bridging Finance repaid?

On finalization of the Estate Liquidation, a distribution account will be advanced to the executor and the settlement amount will be included stating the advance fund amount and the discounting fee separately.

The attorney will then deposit the funds directly into Bayside Financial Services bank account.  Re-payment to Bayside Finance Solution is made through a single lump-sum payment.   

Fund advances will be approved with signatures from all parties agreeing to the timeframe, re-payment and fee amounts.

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