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Matrimonial Bridging

Getting divorced and need to access settlement pending finalisation?

We provide bridging to spouses who are in the process of being divorced.

We can advance up to 50% of the cash portion of the settlement due to the client or a maximum of R200000

Qualifying Criteria

  • A copy of the signed settlement agreement
  • Confirmation from attorneys that they are holding the funds due to the client in their trust ban account
  • Confirmation of the court date for the divorce to be made final
  • Acceptable letter of understanding from the attorneys

Credit Process

  • Signed application/agreement checked to ensure it has been completed and signed correctly
  • Credit check on applicant carried out
  • Once the above has been received/verified, a fax will be sent to the attorneys requesting they provide us with a letter of understanding (in a format acceptable to us)
  • From this point on the same procedure is followed as for equity bridging.


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